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Welcome! We're glad you found Your Brain on Neuroscience. Our mission is to provide scientifically accurate, clear, and informative responses to many of the assertions and claims about pornography and/or sex addiction that have been published by a variety of groups and individuals.

Some people may wonder why this is necessary when there are a number of other websites, online videos, and other sources all devoted to this topic. Unfortunately, many of those other sources make claims and assertions that are not valid or actually backed up by rigorous, peer-reviewed research. Some point to research to back up their statements but are either misinterpreting or are drawing conclusions that are not backed up by the research.

YBON is committed to only publishing information that is scientifically accurate. To this end, YBON only accepts contributions from those with expertise in sexual health and sexuality education.

If you are a sexual health professional, we would welcome your support and contributions to our mission and work. To start, you'll need to request an account. In the "Other Information" section, please be sure to indicate your full name and educational background. We will verify all individuals requesting an account prior to approval.

If you are not a sexual health professional but want to offer feedback or would like to suggest a specific topic, question, or research article for us to address, hang tight. We will soon be launching a form area to allow such submissions.